Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Does GPT Mean?

You hear all these terms being used back and forth, but you're not sure what any of them mean. Well, a firm understanding of some of these terms are necessary if you're on your way to making some extra money online. It isn't very likely you'll benefit from something if you barely know what it is!


This term stands for 'Get-Paid-To sites.' Basically, any site that pays you to do offers. (About .05 - $45) Offers are where you fill out forms, sign up for things, and complete survey paths and being paid for doing so. "But why would anyone pay you to do is?" you may ask. Simple. There are many companies out there that are very willing to pay money to get their products exposed to potential customers. It's a win-win situation - you get money, and advertisers get their products exposed to the world!


PTC stands for 'Paid-To-Click sites,' which can go under the same category as GPT. This is where you are paid .01 to .03 to click some ads, depending on the site. The amount of advertisement you recieve per day also depends on the site. Yet, let's say you get 5 ads per day, and each one pays .02. That's ten cents per day, and $36 per year. Pretty good, but not good enough. The key to making loads of money on PTC are referrals.


PTS is short for 'Paid-To-Search sites.' This is where you are paid to use a certain search engine. Usually, you don't make money with every search, but randomly. These kinds of sites aren't as popular as PTC sites or offer sites, and there aren't as many, but they are starting to pop up by the handful. Despite lack of use, these sites are a worthy way of making money. Usually, these sites combine offer sites, PTC, surveys, and PTS to make a more profitable experience.


I find surveys tend to be more easier to make money from, and are much more simple. For one, you always know when to stop. You also tend to be credited much more often than GPT. In fact, I rarely not get paid for my work. Surveys are basically where you voice your opinions on various products, companies, services, etc. You are normally paid $1 - $5 to complete the average survey, the typical survey being 10 - 20 minutes long. If you complete a survey in 15 minutes of $3, that is a hourly income of $12, (not that you'll be able to receive that many surveys, let alone qualify for them!)

Sometimes, when you complete surveys, you'll be invited to test a product or participate in an online community or even a focus group. You are usually paid much more for these, about $20 - $100, depending on what you are doing. This month, I got to test two packages of Oreos and complete a follow-up survey for $75. All just to eat some tasty cookies and use up 15 minutes of my time!

Online comm unites are where you are paid cash by posting your opinions in forums. The most I've ever got paid for these are $200 for a 8-week Yoplait community where I had to answer one question every day!

Finally, focus groups are basically interactive surveys. This is where you have to login to a given site and you are asked questions by a real, live moderator along with other people like you. I am typically paid $25 - $50 for these one-hour sessions, but recently, I was paid $125 for one.

You receive about 3 surveys (depending on the company) in your inbox per company. The secret to making lots of money by completing surveys is by signing up for as many as you can.

As for testing products, interactive surveys, and online communities, you won't receive these often. But as you complete more and more surveys, you'll receive more and more until you get to the point where you recieve three of these per month!

~ Junou Zamor