Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5 Ways to Get Money From Referrals

Yesterday, I wrote a post that described referrals and the benefits they can provide if someone works hard to get them. All in all, it's rather difficult to get referrals, but if you go at it the right way, you're bound to get at least one.

It's best if you try to earn referrals for new programs, since more people are likely to sign-up if they've never even heard of it before. People don't turn down a new potential money-earner. The problem is that potential referrals are less likely to confide in the new program, so you'll have to add some good proof up. Make sure you don't try to get referrals for a company you haven't cashed out and received payment for, unless the company is very well-known for being reliable.

Good example of proof:

If you ever post a gift card code, make sure you conceal it somehow.
Don't want to get robbed of your hard work!

Here are the top five ways to get referrals:

  1. Friends and family ~ Who will trust you more than the people who know you best? You should take care to choose the people who will benefit the most. It's unlikely a doctor working more than fifty hours per day will want anything to do with making a few dollars everyday online. Especially when they can earn more than $20 in just one hour. If you go about this, make sure you don't bother the person is they clearly show that they aren't interested - no one likes an annoying advertiser. This method works the best if you have proof such as checks, gift cards, or the things you've bought.
  2. Forums ~ This is how I earned the majority of my referrals for Zoombucks. Forums that get a lot of visitors but not too many new threads is the best for this method, so your own thread doesn't get to the second page in twenty minutes flat. I got my fourteen referrals by posting a thread on CheatingNetwork. Here's the link -
  3. Blog or website ~ If you have a blog or website that already has a fair amount of traffic, you can go ahead and create a post or page on the company you would like to promote. You can even create a blog or website just for the purpose of promoting that particular company! Getting referrals this way is difficult, but the rewards are great.
  4. Articles and How-tos ~ If you're a good writer, you can post articles on sites such as Hubpages and EzineArticles. Just make the site you're promoting interesting and attractive (no hyping!) and drive some traffic to it, and you have a good amount of referrals! Do NOT lie though, as soon as your referral figures out the truth, they will leave first chance they get. I also find that I tend to sign-up more for places that people say have some flaws along with it's benefits. If anything is perfect, I will determine it too good to be true.
  5. Social Networks ~ Basically promoting through facebook, twitter, myspace, digg, stumbleupon, etc. If you have a lot of friends on facebook that you have taken the time to get to know, it's very likely they'll register as your referral because they trust you. Just make sure not to spam on anyone of these networks because everyone hates and mostly ignores spam. Not to mention you can easily get yourself banned.
Although there are many more ways of getting referrals, these are the one's that I believe are the best and most effective. If you have any methods not listed here that have worked for you, definitely continue using it! :-)

Also, make sure you use your own referral link that you were provided with, or else you won't reap the rewards that your hard work has earned you!