Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Money-Maker Sites (3)

Now, for the last post in the 'Best Money-Maker Sites' series, we will focus on PTS or pay-to-search. Typically, you won't get paid for every search you conduct for these types of sites, but randomly or up to a certain amount of searches. For example, one site might pay you one cent for every search you conduct until you hit fifty. Sounds pretty cool to get paid by doing what you normally do anyway!

I also find pay-to-search sites tend to combine offers, daily clicks, and searching bonuses to create a more rewarding experience.

Although there is a small number of these sites (good ones, anyway) compared to survey and offer sites, I think it's pretty clear which one is the best.


Here's one of my favorite money-maker companies!
You can earn points by using their search engine, completing surveys, the daily four, offers, games, watching videos, codes, and shopping!

The average value of each SB (the currency) is one cent if converted into money or other prizes.

You tend to win points for searching 2 - 5 times, usually 3 times per day. You will win no less than 7 to about 11 each time you win. The most you can ever win is 1000 SB, but that is very rare. On Mega Swagbucks Day, which is held on Fridays, you can earn bigger amounts like 21 and 40.

Surveys can be completed for 50 SB (fifty cents) to 300 SB (three dollars). These surveys can be difficult to qualify for and sometimes, just by clicking the link you are immediately screened out. You must fill out a profile before you are permitted to take surveys.

Which brings us to the daily four. The daily four is basically four tasks that give you one SB each everyday. Visiting the survey area gives you one SB. Just having the toolbar installed, completing NOSO, and voting on the daily poll brings one SB each everyday as well, for a grand total of four SB or four cents. It doesn't sound like much, but if you do this everyday, you will receive one-hundred twenty SB per day. Free money is free money!

By watching videos, a little load bar on your screen will move closer to 100%. Every time it reaches 100%, you will be awarded with five SB. You can also earn SB randomly by playing games if you received an invitation or are one of the beta testers.

You can earn a good amount of money completing offers, which will help you get your rewards much more faster. There are a very healthy amount of offers currently available, with many more being added every week. Offers, surveys, and shopping will probably earn you the largest amount of SB in exchange for money and prizes.

There are also sweepstakes that are 100% valid (I've won one!) that you can get entries to by buying them with your SB or by taking surveys.

Now, for the prizes:

  • $5 Amazon gift card - 450 SB
  • $5 Paypal - 700 SB
  • $10 Barnes and Nobles - 1,250 SB
  • Ultimate Game Card - 550 SB
  • $20 Target e-Gift Card - 2,350 SB
  • Nintendo Wii System - 15,312 SB
There are many other prizes as well, such as more gift cards, game consoles and accessories, jewelry, trading cards, books, magazines, and much more! There are also $5 Amazon certificates for Canadians as well!

In one month, I easily earn $25 worth of gift cards with at least 1000 SB left over for the next month by using a combination of the above methods. This is an easy $300 per year in Amazon gift cards!

Let's say you win about 3 times per day, with each rewarding you about nine SB. That is twenty-seven SB per day or eight-hundred ten SB per month. Almost $10! Now let's say you earn fifty SB per day. That's 1500 SB per month which is more than $15 in Amazon gift cards per month!

So, do yourself a favor and join Swagbucks for an easy (at least) $100 per year!